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Character Illustration & Art Direction


I'm a London based illustrator, character designer and art director with over 20 years experience creating for animation, interactive and print for a huge range of clients, big and small. I create characterful, engaging imagery with an emphasis on humour.



Dartford Childrens Hospital

Illustration and Art Direction

An identity and interior design theme for the children's services department at Darent Valley Hospital. The artwork needed to represent the local area and it's population in a fun and welcoming way aswell a being sympathetic and unpatronising to the adult services at the same site. Towering pylons, an iconic viaduct and the Dartford crossing all made it into the reception mural along with the distinctive shapes of the hospital itself.

Teach Your Monster: Number Skills 

Design and Art Direction

As art director and lead designer on Teach Your Monster Number Skills I create monsters, magical creatures and living theme park rides that help your little monsters to learn maths skills in a fun and rewarding way. This is an ongoing project with Teach Your Monster Ltd and the Usborne Foundation who have a suite of other monster themed games for early learners. You can play TYM Number Skills and all their other games free at


Character Design

I was tasked with designing a family of extra characters to support the brilliantly designed cast from the Duolingo app. Aunt Tara and family can be seen in the first of a series of explainer animations from Duolingo all about cultural nuances.


The Tote

Design and Art Direction

I had a lot of fun designing this spot for The Tote using their new '+' branding as a starting point. It was interesting working out how to create the characters and scenes using simple, repeated geometry and clean lines. Produced by Kong Studio in lovely E17. Watch the animation below.


M&S Food Sponsors BGT

Character Design

This isn't just food, it's talking food...with faces...designed by me and produced by Nexus studios London.


Google Davos

Character Design & Art Direction

Google's presence at the Davos World Economic Forum 2019 was this interactive international Train Station. I designed Sam, the storytelling station master, and led the team designing the ticket booth and a host of other characters and sets.

Headspace character design by Matt Oxborrow for Nexus Studios

Art Direction & Character Design

I was hired by Nexus Studios as art director and design lead for all animated and digital content for Headspace. This is what I've been doing for most of 2017.

Hackney Brewery

Branding & Packaging

Beer with nice flavours and pictures of things, these are two of my favourite things. The guys at Hackney Brewery were looking for a different approach to labelling their bottled beers and asked me to do a series of labels for their feature beers. 

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Hackney brewery, illustrated beer labels.
Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Centra Illustration new media characters


New Media Monsters

Character Design

A set of characters for the Central Illustration Agency each embodying a different application of illustration in the new media arts.

Oxfam Clothing Recycling


A little piece about the Oxfam clothing recycling bank.

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Oxfam Character illustration
Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design.



Editorial Illustration

Accompanying illustration to an article about cognitive marketing


Character Illustration

The good, the bad and the ugly. A collection of caricatures from the last few years.

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Gadaffi Cricature
Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Mindmates character design

Mind Mates

Character Design

Mind mate is an NHS initiative to address mental illness in young people. I designed these characters as avatars and inhabitants of their online world.

See the project yourself at:

HTC Selfies

Animated infographic

HTC  were launching a new phone with the worlds highest resolution front facing camera. I designed a scrolling infographic about selfies to celebrate the launch on their social media.

As the user scrolls down the infographic the characters hands follow taking selfies as they go.

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. HTC, selfies,  infographic

If I Were


Illustration for the CIA Illustrators calendar on the theme of 'if I were...".

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Central Illustration Calendar Image
Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Central Illustration calendar image
Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design. Character design for Virgin Media WiFi on the Underground

Virgin Media- Underground


Character Design

For the Launch of Virgin Media 

Wifi on the London Underground they produced a series of animations explaining how to use the service. These are the characters I created as a cross section of London Underground Users.

Keep On

Keepin' On.

Character Design

You might recognise the end result of this development project from a longrunning TV Ad campaign.

Matt Oxborrow, Illustration, Art Direction, character Design.
Hackney Brewery
Cantral Illustration Agency
Cognitive Marketting
Mind Mate
HTC Selfies
If I Were
Virgin Media
Google Davos


Matt Oxborrow... Or Matt Ox for short. London based Illustrator, Art Director, Character Designer. 


|  Tel: +44 07952 539 269

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