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Teach Your Monster. 

Design and Art Direction

This has been a  huge and enormously fun project to work on with dozens of monsters and monstrous games to design, as well a whole theme park world full of wonderful weirdness. Working with game developers, writers and early learning experts has been an incredible opportunity lo learn about this industry....and to relearn some lost maths skills ;)

In Teach Your Monster Number Skills early learners can create their own monster using the monster customiser and guide it on an adventure around Numberland, a fun filled park all about number and mathematics. Designed in collaboration with experts in early years mathematics it offers an educational experience in line with and often in advance of the national curriculum. Used by teachers, home educators and parents/carers the game has already attracted over a million players.

The game will continue to grow with new levels and games designed to keep kids engaged from reception age onwards. Create your own monster and play Number Skills and the other amazingly fun educational games from Teach Your Monster Ltd at

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